Diamond State Disc Golf Association

weekly minis


2. To win the rolling ace pot, you must be a tag holder. Non tag holders are only eligible to win the Ace Pot for that Mini.
3. Point Series members must be tag holders. All members are eligible for end of year tournament but only Diamond State tag holders will play for jackpot.
4. Have fun!

  • Tags are $10 & are available at all Minis & DSDGA Tournaments. 

  • Minis = $5 Payout, $2 Club Fee, and $1 Ace Pot.
    Club Fee covers PDGA Ratings

  • All tags are hot, all the time. 

  • Tag holders are eligible for rolling Ace Pots, non tag holders are eligible for mini and tourney specific Ace Pots.

  • Point Series players must be tag holders.

september schedule:

September 22nd:

Saturday, 9/22/18 - REZ


want to play in a mini?

DSDGA has the oldest running weekly minis in Arkansas - and with the friendly faces and great spirits involved in our events, you'll fit right in - which is another way of getting involved and helping grow the sport. These are a bunch of words which were designed to fill the space on this page. They might look good. They might sound great. But they don't mean anything. People just don't like empty spaces on pages which are laid out with graphics involved. We think it has to do with balance and symmetry. But there's scholarship and theoretical work in the fields of art and design which points to something called Horror Vacui - or "fear of the empty." Space is weird. So we fill it.

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